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About Us

Chiropractor Cape Girardeau Dr. Matt Utchman and familyIn practice since 2007, Dr. Matt Uchtman offers a unique form of natural healing to the Cape Girardeau community. He first opened two successful practices in Edwardsville and Lake St. Louis before looking to expand operations.

Both he and his wife Brooke completed their undergraduate educations in Cape Girardeau and had always kept an eye on returning to raise their family. When the opportunity arose, they jumped at the chance to make the move and opened Elevation Health Center.

A Lifestyle Success Strategy

So many people in today’s world have been misled to think that sickness is inevitable. It might surprise you to find out that your incredible body was designed to be healthy and strong.

The nervous system is what controls every function of the body. When there is interference present, symptoms such as pain and disease are the result. By removing this interference, we get to the true cause of your problem.

Our family-oriented approach involves corrective chiropractic care that focuses on helping you enhance your entire life.

Get Empowered to Live Richly and Fully

We’re passionate about patient education and hold a variety of different opportunities for you to learn more about taking control of your health and life. Workshops, seminars and events are held at regular intervals, and you’re welcome to attend them all.

When you’re involved and engaged in your health care, you’ll stay focused and feel motivated, knowing that our entire team is behind you for support. Contact our chiropractic office today to find out when our next event is being held!


Discover the four “Fundamentals of Health…”


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